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ROBLES TOURS’ Terms and Conditions




Welcome to Robles Tours.com website (the “Website”). This Website is offered to you conditioned upon your acceptance without modification of all the terms, conditions, and notices set forth below. The customer guarantees and establishes that he/she has the legal capacity to sign this agreement, and that he/she has read and expressly accepts all the terms and conditions established therein without any limitation or qualification. It is important before using the Website for you to please read the Terms and Conditions carefully. By making use of this website, the customer is expressly accepting each and every one of the terms, conditions and notifications set forth herein. These terms and conditions are effective as of September 18, 2019. When using the present website, the user is expressly accepting all and each one of the terms, conditions, and legal notices established.


Robles Tours reserves the rights to modify the present Agreement, as well as to make changes to any product, program or service described in the present website, at any moment, without any requirement of legal notice and/or responsibility.




As a condition of your use of this Website, you warrant that:

1. You are at least 18 years of age;

2. You possess the legal authority to create a binding legal obligation;

3. You will use this Website in accordance with these Terms of Use;

4. You will only use this Website to make legitimate reservations for you or for another person for whom you are legally authorized to act;

5. You will inform such other persons about the Terms of Use that apply to the reservations you have made on their behalf, including all rules and restrictions applicable thereto;

6. All information supplied by you on this Website is true, accurate, current and complete; and

7. If you have a Robles Tours.com account, you will safeguard your account information and will supervise and be completely responsible for any use of your account by you and anyone other than you.


We retain the right at our sole discretion to deny access to anyone to this Website and the services we offer, at any time and for any reason, including, but not limited to, for violation of these Terms of Use.


“Customer” means a person who uses our services to purchase air tickets, car rental, reservation of national or international hotels to any of our destinations or through any of our offers or promotions offers through the www.roblestours.com website.


“Providers” refer to as Airlines, Hotels, Ren-A-cars companies, software providers, tour operators and other entities that provide services to Robles Tours Panama and its Website’s customers.


The specific function of this website is to offer the customer the possibility of determining travel availability, as well as making legitimate reservations or other similar transactions with suppliers, and as such is expressly recognized and accepted by the customer.


Robles Tours reserves the right, at any time, to modify this agreement, as well as make changes to any product, program or service described in this website, without any notification and / or responsibility of its part.



Use and Scope.

www.roblestours.com is a Global Travel portal of Robles Tours Panama. It offers airplane reservations all around the world, national and international hotels, and rental of vehicles tailored exclusively to customers, as well as offering promotions and special offers through its multiple agreements with travel providers and suppliers around the world. This website works an link of operations and services between customers and providers.


From this Website you have the opportunity to book your trips in secure platform.


In this Website, you can make your purchases safely and in a secure environment. The offers and provisions of these services are subjected to the Special Terms and Conditions of the providers and by accepting the Terms and Conditions of the www.roblestours.com website the customer is accepting the Special Terms and Conditions in the same way. This should be consulted on the webpage of each provider or by contacting our agents in the Contact Us section.


www.roblestours.com is committed in providing the best services through our secure and free of viruses platform; however, our website is not responsible for any damage or virus that may affect any customer equipment, whether by extraction, download or copy of information, image or sound. In the same way no provider will be responsible for this issue as well.


This Website does not have any obligation or responsibility, nor make any warranty, of the identity of the information, software, products and/or services included in the referred to the website.


The present website may contain links with other websites. This Website is not responsible for the content of information of the websites that may be accessed by the user through the present website.


Requirements when booking:


· Immigration Requirements: You must verify that your passport is valid for more than six months before the date of departure. If you are traveling with a minor you must confirm the permit needed to leave the country. In addition, it must be ensured that it complies with the VISA and/or the respective vaccines regulations according to the destination.


· Airline Tariff: After confirming the purchase of the air tickets, if you wish to pay them, this will be in a maximum period of 24 hours to guarantee the space and the fare. When the respective payment is not made within the stipulated time, it must be quoted again, which implies possible price and itinerary changes. Tariff or Rates are NON-REFUNDABLE / NON-ENDORSABLE. The quoted rate is guaranteed once the ticket is issued. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Once the ticket is issued, it does not allow changes of name or route.


· Cancellation expenses or Penalties on air tickets: Penalties apply for changes and cancellations, after the ticket is issued. These vary according to the specific conditions of the fare and the airline.


· Policies: In the case of the air ticket, we remind you that, according to the airline reservation policies, they do not allow you to book and cancel the same flight more than three times. Nowadays this is considered as an improper practice, in case of incurring it, a charge will be applied that goes from $ 30.00 to $ 75.00 on average, which will be transferred to your person or representative.


Reservation’s Cancellations and Changes. They should be sent to www.roblestours.com, once the application has been evaluated, in case of cancellation, compensation will be requested (if applicable) covering contract costs, cancellation and management fees. In case of change of reservation, the agent will attend the costumer request and will charge the additional costs for said procedure.


Notifications: Once the customers have made their reservation, a confirmation of their reservation will be send to the email address indicated in the process. It will be the customers’ responsibility not only to provide www.roblestours.com with the appropriate and correct information, but also to have the documentation required for the trip; visas, airport taxes, children’s permit and other information necessary to complete your trip.


In the same way, in the case of having booked an air ticket, it will also be the customer’s responsibility to confirm it, both ways.



Third Party Responsibility.

Reservations for air tickets, hotels and car rentals will be the responsibility of the providers of these services. In case of changing schedules, conditions or reservations, www.roblestours.com is not responsible for being an agent, depending entirely on the final Provider. In case of changes due to inclement weather conditions, availability or change, www.roblestours.com will be exempt from any additional charge or responsibility, and the final provider will also be in charge of the service loan.


The operators of hotels and the suppliers of cars, insurance and other services, offering travel services or other on this website, are independent service providers and are neither agents nor employees of Robles Tours. Therefore, Robles Tours is not responsible for the actions, mistakes, omissions, statements, guarantees, violations, or negligence on the part of said providers, nor it is responsible for personal and material damages, death or other harm or expenses resulting from the actions of the same.


RoblesTours is neither responsible nor issues reimbursements for the services offered on these websites, no matter the reason, including but not limiting to any delay, cancellation, overbooking, strike, an event of force beyond our control, poor service rendering, or other causes out of their control, and will not be responsible for any additional cost, omission, delay, route change, nor for any action by any government or authority.


The information, software, products, and services disclosed on this website may include inaccuracies or errors, including errors in pricing. Specifically, Robles Tours assumes no responsibility for the errors or inaccuracies of any kind and neither guarantees the completeness of the information and description of the insurance, hotels, vehicles, or other travel products shown on this website (including, without limitations to prices, photos, lists of services, general product descriptions, etc.); as the majority of this information will be supplied by the respective providers.


There may be additional terms and conditions regarding the reservation and purchase of the selected travel products. The user agrees to comply with the conditions stipulated by any provider whom they decide to use, including paying all of the costs at the time they are due and complying with the regulations and restrictions by the provider in regards to the availability and use of the charges, products, or services.



Exclusions and Exceptions:

The following unexpected changes may incurred in Additional charges to customers: early or late hotel checkin, flights’ extreme early arrival or late departure, requests for private transportation will incurred in additional charges for the customer as well.


It is understood that www.roblestours.com belongs to Robles Tours, S.A., that its principal domicile is duly registered with the relevant authorities in the Republic of Panama.


Similarly, immigration requirements, as well as vaccination requirements, are the responsibility of the passenger and must refer to the representatives of each country.



Amendments and Modifications

Robles Tours reserves the right to revise, amend, reform and / or modify the terms and conditions of this agreement. The customer has the obligation to make periodic revisions of said terms and conditions, since the subsequent use of the website constitutes an express acceptance of the modified terms and conditions by the customer.



General conditions of tariff or rates

In this document you will find the terms and conditions of transportation and fares from / to the United States and Canada available for review. You will find the general conditions of transport and the published rates, as well as the charges and terms and conditions related to transport applicable to air services.



Payment Procedure

This Website offers you the option to pay by Credit Card: The prices shown on the website are expressed in US dollars or in local currency. Payment can be made by credit card (Visa Debit, Visa Credit, Debit MasterCard, MasterCard Credit and American Express) through the secure payment system.


www.roblestours.com will not ask you for complete credit or debit card information via email or other notification. It will be the client’s responsibility if he provides third parties with this information. If you receive an email requesting your information, please notify the Bank of the local fraud section.


IMPORTANT: The passenger is responsible for all necessary documents for their trip, passport, visas, tourist cards and any additional or special requirement or document required by the laws and regulations in force in the countries of departure, transit and destination. Take into consideration that some immigration regulations require Robles Tours to ensure that all passengers who are not nationals or legal residents in the destination country to which they are headed, have a means of transportation (depending on the authority and their laws) to get out of the destination country.




Through www.roblestours.com and for the requested services a pre-payment must be made (before arrival of the passengers). ROBLES TOURS reserves the right to cancel reservations that were not paid on the dates established in the confirmation sheet, before the arrival of passengers.


Consequently, ROBLES TOURS will not be obliged to provide the services. The tourist company and the customers accept to waive any claim whatsoever.




Credit Cards, Transfers, Checks or Deposit to Bank Account of ROBLES TOURS. Bank charges generated by sending payment of packages must be paid by the customer.




The prices of the tour packages are per person in US dollars.


Rates subject to change without notice according to availability and season. Mostly they apply for at least 2 people traveling together. In some cases a supplement applies if a single person travels. Tours apply with minimum passengers, depending on the tourist service.


The rates that appear in this catalog correspond to the rates available at the time of shipment. These Prices do not apply for groups. Additional rates upon request.



CHILDREN (from 2 to 11 years old)

Prices of children on request in case they are not specified. Children prices are always sharing accommodation with 2 adults paid in the same room. It is allowed up to a maximum of 2 children under 12 years per room. Crib services and / or special care for infants under 2 years must be requested at the time of making reservations. Passengers under 18 can leave their country by meeting the following requirements: Minors can travel with accompanied by both parents. Minors may travel unaccompanied or accompanied by an adult who is not a parent or legal guardian. They must carry a letter of authorization from both parents, which must be notarized. Minors can travel accompanied by one of their parents and carry a notarized letter authorized by the absent parent. Minors can travel accompanied by one of their parents and the latter has the care and upbringing. You must have the authorization of the judge duly empowered to do so, and in case of the death of one of the parents, you will add the death certificate of the absent person.


Authorization documents for minors must be translated into the language of the destination country for better management.


Important: We recommend checking the necessary requirements with the competent authorities of your country of origin, as well as those of the country of your destination to ensure that they are met. International document requirements may vary depending on your destination when purchasing the package.




Check-in and check-out times are set by the Hotels and generally the check-in time is at 3:00 p.m. and the check-out time is at 12:00 p.m. If the stay is extended after the departure time, the client must notify the reception and pay the hotel directly the additional amount. “All Inclusive” meal plan operates according to specific restaurants, drinks and schedules, according to each hotel’s policy.


StopOver packages can obtained early check in or late check out upon Hotel availability. Robles Tour is not responsible for guaranteeing it as it is subject to hotel availability.


You may cancel or change your prepaid hotel reservation, but you will be charged the cancellation or change fee indicated in the rules and restrictions for the hotel reservation. If you do not cancel or change your reservation before the cancellation policy period applicable to the hotel you reserved, which varies by hotel (usually 24 to 72 hours) prior to your date of arrival, you will be subject to a charge equal to applicable nightly rates, tax recovery charges and service fees. In the event you do not show for the first night of the reservation and plan to check-in for subsequent nights in your reservation, you must confirm the reservation changes with us no later than the date of the first night of the reservation to prevent cancellation of your reservation.


You agree to pay any cancellation or change fees that you incur. In limited cases, some hotels do not permit changes to or cancellations of reservations after they are made, as indicated in the rules and restrictions for the hotel reservation. You agree to abide by the Terms of Use imposed with respect to your prepaid hotel reservations.


Sales, use and/or local hotel occupancy taxes are imposed on the amounts that we charge for our services (service fee and/or facilitation fee) in certain jurisdictions. The actual tax amounts on our services may vary depending on the rates in effect at the time of your hotel stay.


You may not book reservations for more than 8 rooms online for the same hotel/stay dates. If we determine that you have booked reservations for more than 8 rooms in total in separate reservations, we may cancel your reservations, and charge you a cancellation fee, if applicable. If you paid a non-refundable deposit, your deposit will be forfeited. If you wish to book reservations for 9 or more rooms, you must contact ROBLES TOURS’s group travel specialists by phone at 507-398-3642/43 or by filling out the group travel form online. One of our group travel specialists will research your request and contact you to complete your reservation. You may be asked to sign a written contract and/or pay a nonrefundable deposit.


Some hotel suppliers may require you to present a credit card or cash deposit upon check-in to cover additional expenses incurred during your stay. Such deposit is unrelated to any payment received by ROBLES TOURS, Inc. for your hotel booking.




You are responsible for ensuring that you meet foreign entry requirements and that your travel documents, such as passports and visas (transit, business, tourist, and otherwise), are in order and any other foreign entry requirements are met. It is the responsibility of each passenger to have a valid Passport equipped with all necessary visas and requirements. You must consult the relevant Embassy or Consulate for this information. Requirements may change and you should check for up-to-date information before booking and departure. ROBLES TOURS accepts no liability if you are refused entry onto a flight or into any country due to your failure to carry the correct and adequate passport, visa, or other travel documents required by any airline, authority, or country, including countries you may just be transiting through. This includes all stops made by the aircraft, even if you do not leave the aircraft or airport.


Recommended inoculations for travel may change and you should consult your doctor for current recommendations before you depart. It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet all health entry requirements, obtain the recommended inoculations, take all recommended medication, and follow all medical advice in relation to your trip.


Passengers are encourage to always carry a copy of their passport and a photo ID at all times.




During the trips, tours or stay of the passengers in the contracted services, all luggages will be the responsibility of the passengers. The operator does not assume such responsibility.




A deposit of $50.00 per person is required to guarantee group reservation at the time of confirmations which will be subtracted from the final payment. The deposit is non-refundable if the group does not travel and cancels the reservation. Confirmations will establish the dates of payments and final payments which must be fully respected by the passengers. Confirmation will also established the dates of deliveries of names, changes of these, the policy of changes and / or cancellations depending on the airline, hotel, tourist services and other contracted entities, in addition to the penalties that are generated by changes. Special requests for groups must be submitted at the time of request (meals, language of the guides, special visits, etc). The quotes delivered are made based on the initial number of passengers, if the number of people in the group changes, it will be necessary to quote again as the previous prices quoted are rendered invalid; this also applies to date changes.


Reimbursements for services already paid are subjected to the policy of each provider or supplier involved. In some cases there will be no refund for any reason.




Claims about ground services must be submitted no later than 7 days after the passengers return. No claims will be accepted after that date . They must be submitted in writing, attaching all those vouchers and receipts that support it. These claims will be processed immediately with our respective correspondent giving a reasonable time of 30 days to get a response. If the case warrants refunds will be processed through the selling agency.


Compensate Robles Tours and / or its suppliers for any type of responsibility, expenses and / or damages or losses that arise as a consequence of the direct or indirect use of the client of this website.


Robles Tours will not be responsible for any type of virus or any other damage that the client’s computer or computer system may suffer due to access to the website, as well as for downloading material of any kind or species that appears therein.




Tourist plans reservations can only be requested via email to: susana@roblestours.com; logistica@roblestours.com, at 507-398-3642/43 or directly at the offices of ROBLES TOURS Tour Operator Wholesaler.


Reservation requests must be made at least 15 days before the trip and they are subject to space availability. Rates subject to change at the time of booking. Reservations are guaranteed only if package is pay in full. We recommend making your reservation as early as possible. Changes and/or cancellations of services once the services are confirmed are subject to penalties. Other restrictions apply.


Prices Exclusions:

Tips, air tickets and taxes, visa and passport expenses, excess luggage, extras of any kind in hotels, transfers and hotel nights where they are not specified, phone calls, Internet, mini bar, room service, laundry, personal expenses and nothing that is not specified in the tour packages and in the service voucher.




Penalties apply for changes and/or cancellations. Cancellations of services once confirmed are subject to charges that will depend on each particular case and will vary depending on the circumstances from administrative expenses to total cancellation expenses. Hotel nights, meals, tours or any other service requested and not taken or canceled are not refundable if canceled during or after the trip.


Cancellation, return and “no show” policies vary depending on each hotel, destination or land and tourist service providers. In case of Cancellations after payment of the package, the payment will remain in credit for other reservations, discounting the agency’s charges for procedures, communications and services provided. If the passenger does not show up on the day of the “No Show” trip, there will be no refund for any reason. All cancellation conditions are subject to change, depending on season, hotel, service provider, etc., without prior notice.


Consult with your provider.




Vouchers are not valid if they show any sign of alterations or amendments. The passenger must present the service vouchers to the contracted providers as proof of payment. ROBLES TOURS declines all responsibility if the contracted services are not given if the passenger fails to deliver them in due course.




ROBLES TOURS explicitly declares that it acts as an agent between the customers and the persons or entities called to provide the services, such as transport companies, airlines, hotels, tourism companies, etc., on the other; declining all responsibility for over-sales, hurricanes, arrears, strikes, earthquakes, quarantines and other causes of force out of our control, as well as any loss, damage, accident or irregularity that could occur to travelers and their belongings when they are motivated by third parties outside our control and/]or its associated suppliers.


In circumstances beyond control we reserve the right to make necessary changes to itineraries, travel dates, transportation or other services in order to guarantee the best success of the plan. The Air Ticket Contract used by the company when necessary on itineraries, travel dates, transportation or other services in order to guarantee the best success of the plan.


The Air Ticket Contract used by the Company when issued will constitute the only contract between the Airline and the Purchaser of this plan and/or the passenger.


ROBLES TOURS is not responsible for problems that occur with the airline and hotels and in the same way ROBLES TOURS is not responsible for changes and/or cancellations of itineraries by the Airlines or by the Passengers that may affect the land segment once the Services are confirmed. All tourist plans included in this catalog, prices, hotels, tours, flight itineraries and departures, are subject to change without notice. Other restrictions apply.


The following program is established in our part by ROBLES TOURS , its organizers, the operators and/or their agents and also on the other part by Hotels providers and in general by all the service providers and suppliers; According to the above, the Operators cannot be held responsible for any error or omission in services that are not under their immediate control. The services, itineraries and advertising rates are subject to change without prior notice, in which case the passenger and/or the tour buyer can only be reimbursed the full amounts paid. The Organizers and Operators reserve the right to make any changes of Hotel, transport or other services, or conditions similar to those contracted. The passenger who decides to separate from the tour will not be entitled to any refund. Any disagreement with the services requested upon arrival of the passenger must be immediately notified to the company. No claims or requests for reimbursement after his stay are accepted.


The operator is exempted from any responsibility or liability in case the passenger is denied entry to the country being the passenger fully responsible for paying the expenses and costs incurred.


“By Law No. 73 of 1976, which regulates Travel Agencies, in the Republic of Panama, it is established that any group, excursion, congress, cruise, etc., that visits Panama, must be attended by an Authorized Operator.”




You agree to defend and indemnify the Robles Tours Companies, the Robles Tours Partners, and/or their respective suppliers and any of their officers, directors, employees and agents from and against any claims, causes of action, demands, recoveries, losses, damages, fines, penalties or other costs or expenses of any kind or nature including but not limited to reasonable legal and accounting fees, brought by third parties as a result of:

1. your breach of these Terms of Use or the documents referenced herein;

2. your violation of any law or the rights of a third party; or

3. your use of this Website.




The content and information on this Website (including, but not limited to, price and availability of travel services) as well as the infrastructure used to provide such content and information, is proprietary to us or our suppliers and providers. While you may make limited copies of your travel itinerary (and related documents) for travel or service reservations booked through this Website, you agree not to otherwise modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell or re-sell any information, software, products, or services obtained from or through this Website. Additionally, you agree not to:

1. use this Website or its contents for any commercial purpose;

2. make any speculative, false, or fraudulent reservation or any reservation in anticipation of demand;

3. access, monitor or copy any content or information of this Website using any robot, spider, scraper or other automated means or any manual process for any purpose without our express written permission;

4. violate the restrictions in any robot exclusion headers on this Website or bypass or circumvent other measures employed to prevent or limit access to this Website;

5. take any action that imposes, or may impose, in our discretion, an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure;

6. deep—link to any portion of this Website (including, without limitation, the purchase path for any travel services) for any purpose without our express written permission; or

7. “frame”, “mirror” or otherwise incorporate any part of this Website into any other website without our prior written authorization.


If your booking or account shows signs of fraud, abuse or suspicious activity, Robles Tours may cancel any travel or service reservations associated with your name, email address or account, and close any associated Robles Tours accounts. If you have conducted any fraudulent activity, Robles Tours reserves the right to take any necessary legal action and you may be liable for monetary losses to Robles Tours, including litigation costs and damages. To contest the cancellation of a booking or freezing or closure of an account, please contact Robles Tours Customer Service.




Robles Tours, S. A believes in protecting your privacy. Please click here to review our current Privacy Policy, which also governs your use of the Website and, as stated above, is incorporated by reference, to understand our practices: Privacy Policy.




All information on this message and attachments are confidential and may be legally privileged. Only intended recipients are authorized to use it. E-mail transmissions are not guaranteed to be secure or error free and sender does not accept liability in respect of such communication that violates our e-mail policy.